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Sno Plow Bag

Sno Plow Premium Ice Melter

SNO-PLOW™ super-charged with LIQUI-FIRE ™
helps fight corrosion to exposed metal


1. Each individual SNO-PLOW™ granule is coated with LIQUI-FIRE™ melting enhancher.

2. LIQUI-FIRE™ effectively lowers the working temperature range of SNO-PLOW™ allowing it to work up to 3 times faster.

3. LIQUI-FIRE™ is very safe. It is less toxic than baking soda. SNO-PLOW™ contains no dangerous chemicals. It can be handled safely with bare hands. 100% non-toxic to children and pets. USDA approved.

4. SNO-PLOW™ green colored granules reduce the possiblity of over-application, the major cause of tracking problems. SNO-PLOW™ with LIQUI-FIRE™ is safe on carpets and floors. Leaves no oily residue.

5. SNO-PLOW™ is safe for concrete when used according to the manufacturers recommendations. When used on concrete do not use in excess of specifications listed by the manufacturer.

6. Unlike many other ice melters, SNO-PLOW™ contains an anti-corrosive chemical to help fight corrosion of exposed metal.

7. SNO-PLOW™ will not harm trees, shrubs, lawns or other vegetation when used as directed.

8. SNO-PLOW™ with LIQUI-FIRE™ is available in 50-lb. bags.

9. SNO-PLOW™ is very economical to use. If used according to label directions, you will use less products per sq. ft. than most other ice melters on the market.


qty: Pallets (50# bags 50 bags/pallet) $895.00/Pallet





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